No More Fake Ponytails: My Secret to Natural-Looking Drawstring Extensions

No More Fake Ponytails: My Secret to Natural-Looking Drawstring Extensions

No More Fake Ponytails: My Secret to Natural-Looking Drawstring Extensions


Have you ever coveted those gorgeous, flowing ponytails that swing back and forth with perfect bounce and shine? I was tired of my limp locks, so I tried countless ponies trying to get that effortless movement and natural volume. Unfortunately, most hair extensions failed miserably—even the expensive clip-ins! They were painful, obvious, and required way too much styling time. Then I discovered the magic of drawstring ponytails and they completely changed my hair game.


In this post, I’m going to share all my insider tips for selecting, blending, and styling the most seamless, natural-looking drawstring ponytails that even hairdressers can’t distinguish from the real thing. I’ll cover everything from choosing the right color and texture for an authentic look to properly hiding the drawstring and volumizing your new pony. You’ll learn easy tricks for achieving beautiful bounce, braids, curls, and up-dos that don’t lead to dreadfully tangled hair. It takes some finessing, but trust me—these effortless, everyday ponytails will become your new favorite hair accessory. Say goodbye to disappointing extensions and finally achieve the perfect pony!


Choosing the Right Texture and Color for Natural Ponytail Extensions

Getting the texture and color right is the most critical step for natural-looking ponytails! Match your extensions’ texture—straight, wavy, curly—with your hair for seamless blending. The color should also align with your natural shade. If unsure, go slightly lighter to mimic sun-kissed highlights when extensions blend with roots and lengths. I recommend Remy human hair drawstrings for the most natural cuticle alignment.


Blending Your Natural Hair into the Drawstring Ponytail Base

Prep your natural hair so it blends into the ponytail base for an authentic finish. Apply texturizing hair creams for grip and volume so hair easily blends and hides the band. If you have thin hair, tease the ponytail area first then pull hair up to conceal spots. Only draw your natural hair through strategic sections to prevent overdrawing. If needed, braid Periméter sections first for a no-bump look.   


Getting the Perfect Ponytail Height and Position

Aim high and voluminous! Secure the band 2-4 inches from the crown to align the ponytail with where your natural hair would grow from the scalp, avoiding too much gap. Position slightly angled for head-turning results. Loosen hair to drape over the band and blend with your natural hair on top. Adjust loose pieces in the front to perfectly frame your face shape.


Hiding the Drawstring Band for a Seamless Look  

Conceal bands with careful styling to prevent bumps or lines. Tease then wrap interior hair over bands to disguise sight lines. Incorporate ribbons, twists, or strategic curls to hide bands with pretty accents. If bands keep slipping, try elastic ponytail holders to anchor in place or hair friendly bobby pins to keep hidden. With the right placement under layers of hair, no one will know your secret!  


Styling Tips for Full, Flowy Ponytail Volume

Don’t settle for flat, fake-looking ponytails! Create envious volume and bounce with these pro styling tips. Prep hair with mousse and texture spray first for grip and hold. Backcomb interior hair then brush into a smooth, lifted pony finish. Split longer ponytails in half horizontally and gently pull apart interior layers for hidden fullness and incredible swing motion. Jazz up pony styling with pretty variations like waterfall braids, heatless waves, innocent flips on ends, and spiraled texture.


Caring for Drawstring Ponytails Properly to Increase Longevity  

Taking proper care ensures your ponytail investment lasts for months of constant wear. Always grip the actual ponytail ends rather than the attached wefts when removing bands to avoid shedding and tangling. Carefully brush knots out from the bottom up. After each wear, thoroughly rinse with specialized shampoo and conditioner for extensions to prolong softness and shine. Let air dry fully before storing upright like natural hair growth to prevent matting bands.   


Step-by-Step Tutorial for Putting in Drawstring Extensions  

I’ll demonstrate how I easily install drawstring ponytails for realistic results every time:


  1. Pull your natural hair into a smooth, mid-high ponytail first
  2. Turn the ponytail inside out, ensuring the drawstring is on the outer side
  3. Gather your ponytail hair and feed through the opening   
  4. Pull the drawstring tight and tie securely in a bow
  5. Style and blend natural hair in and around the extension base
  6. Conceal the band with teasing and accessories
  7. Show off your gorgeous new faux ponytail!


It only takes 5 minutes to transform dull locks into beautiful, lively ponytail hair anyone would envy.  


Comparing Extension Types (clip-ins, tape-ins, etc) for Ponytails

It’s confusing navigating so many extension options—which are best for functional, everyday ponytails? Drawstrings take the cake for convenience, security, and avoiding hair damage versus clips, tapes, bonds, stitches, and wigs. The adjustable fit ensures comfortable all-day wear without risk of loosening or needing special tape glue. Quick to insert and remove without heat tools, drawstrings allow maximum styling versatility from voluminous blowouts to practical buns or braids when you need hair off your neck. Forget the hassle of traditional extensions and embrace the magic of drawstrings!


Top Mistakes to Avoid with Drawstring Ponies (tangling, shedding, etc.)  

While I adore drawstring ponytails, they definitely have a learning curve. Avoid these common pitfalls for lush, natural pony perfection every time: Don’t overbrush delicate extension hair, don’t go longer than 24” for realistic proportions, use heat protectant before hot tools to prevent damage, hang to dry loosely instead of messy buns, regularly trim wefts to prevent matting and shedding, use specialized shampoos/conditioners to prolong shine and softness. Invest in high quality Remy human hair for durable, glistening texture identical to your own. With some basic care and styling adjustments, you’ll love your drawstring ponytailed hair!  


Achieving Ponytail Styles Like Braids, Curls, and Bounces with Extensions  

The styling possibilities are endless with ponytail extensions! Since hair isn’t bonded directly to your scalp, you can reinvent looks daily without damage. Try heatless overnight curls and waves using flexi rods on damp ponytails. Braid gorgeous waterfall braids along the hairline to romantically frame your face. Define spiraled texture with perm rods just on ends for amplified body and movement. Backcomb ponytail base lifting hair high for extra bounce and volume no natural hair can achieve alone without major teasing. The options are endless!


"Achieving beautiful, flowing ponytail hair is every girl’s dream, but not all of us are blessed with thick, abundant locks that swing with envy-inducing bounce. As I learned firsthand, most hair extensions completely fail when it comes to ponytails, leaving you with awkward bumps, tangled messes, and obvious fakeness. But when I discovered the magic of drawstring ponytails, it absolutely changed my hair game. By following my tips on choosing high-quality Remy hair, blending and concealing bands properly, volumizing ponytails at the base, and protecting delicate extensions with specialized care, you can fake gorgeous pony perfection every single day. Wave goodbye to disappointing clips, tapes, and painful bonding methods. Drawstring ponytails are about to become your most versatile hair accessory for everyday magic and special occasions alike. Trust me, not even your stylist will know your breezy, bombshell pony isn’t the real thing!"