Thinking of Going Blonde? Why 27 is the Perfect Shade for Black Hair

Thinking of Going Blonde? Why #27 is the Perfect Shade for Black Hair

If you're a black woman who's been itching to go blonde, you may have hesitated because you're not sure it'll look right with your complexion. I'm here to tell you - don't let that stop you! The perfect blonde shade for black hair is #27. This gorgeous honey-blonde color flatters darker skin tones and looks like you were born with it. 

In this post, we'll look at exactly what #27 hair color is, how it complements black hair, and its pros and cons. I'll compare it to other shades like #30 hair color so you can decide which option is best. We'll also go over techniques for applying and maintaining #27 hair dye on black hair. Finally, I'll provide tons of inspiration with photos of stylish black women rocking #27 hair color.

Thinking of Going Blonde? Why 27 is the Perfect Shade for Black Hair

So if you've been wondering, should I go blonde? Or what blonde shade works for black hair? Look no further than #27! Let's get into all the details on why this warm, auburn-blonde hue is a perfect match for dark tresses.

What is #27 hair color exactly? 

#27 hair color sits right between blonde and brown on the spectrum. It's considered a warm shade of blonde due to its golden undertones. The base is a mix of light brown and blonde, but #27 gets its signature look from reddish-auburn hues blended throughout. This gives it a rich, dimensional look. The red tones add warmth and keep it from pulling too brassy. #27 is sometimes called strawberry or honey blonde since it's a lighter take on auburn hair.

How does #27 hair color look on black hair?

#27 hair color is a gorgeous complement to darker skin and hair. Since it's a warmer shade, it adds brightness without being too high-contrast. The red undertones are especially flattering, as they pick up on the natural red tones in black hair beautifully. This makes #27 hair color look soft, natural and multidimensional on black hair. It brings out lighter honey and caramel highlights while avoiding the dreaded orange brassiness some blondes can take on. 

Comparing #27 vs #30 hair color on dark skin tones

Thinking of Going Blonde? Why 27 is the Perfect Shade for Black Hair

Like #27, #30 hair color is an auburn blonde that flatters darker complexions. But there are some key differences. #30 is noticeably darker, squarely falling into the light brown family, while #27 is a true blonde. #30 also has more prominent red pigment, making it better suited to cooler skin tones. Since #27 is lighter, it's more versatile for a wide range of medium to deep skin tones. It also leaves room to go gradually lighter if desired.

Pros of choosing #27 hair color for black hair

- Warmer undertone is flattering on dark skin

- Looks soft, natural and multi-dimensional

- Allows you to gradually go lighter

- Low-maintenance for covering greys

- Works for a wide range of skin tones

- Red tones complement black hair beautifully

Cons to consider about #27 hair color for black women

- Still requires bleaching for proper application

- Fades faster than darker shades of blonde/brown

- Can pull brassy or orange without proper toner

- Needs more frequent toning than darker colors

- Not as bold of a change from black hair

Best techniques for applying #27 hair dye to black hair

To best lift black hair to #27 hair color, bleach to pale yellow first before applying blonde dye. Use a toner like Wella T18 to neutralize brassiness. Alternate highlights or balayage allows a gradual transition. Use 10 or 20 volume developer and purple shampoo to reduce brassiness. Work with a stylist experienced in coloring black hair.

Styling and caring for #27 dyed black hair

Use moisture-infused styling products to reduce drying from bleach. Opt for sulfate-free shampoos and weekly deep conditioning treatments. Rinse hair with cool water to lock in vibrancy. Replenish blonde tones with gloss treatments or toning shampoos between salon visits. Use heat protectant when heat styling. Wear hair in loose styles and avoid too-tight updos.

Transitioning from dark hair to #27 hair color

Start with subtle sun-kissed highlights around your face. Ask your colorist to focus lighter pieces on the ends and underlayers first. Use balayage or ombre techniques to gradually lighten lengths over several appointments. Be patient - it can take multiple processes to achieve the perfect tone when transitioning from black to blonde.

Expert tips for maintaining #27 dyed black hair

- Use a purple shampoo 1-2 times per week to reduce brassiness

- Get a gloss treatment monthly to boost vibrancy

- Use leave-in conditioning treatments to nourish hair

- Avoid chlorine and salt water to prevent fading

- Get a trim every 6-8 weeks to keep ends healthy

- Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove product buildup

Inspiring photos of #27 hair color on black women

 Thinking of Going Blonde? Why 27 is the Perfect Shade for Black Hair

Thinking of Going Blonde? Why 27 is the Perfect Shade for Black Hair

Thinking of Going Blonde? Why 27 is the Perfect Shade for Black Hair

Here are some common questions and answers related to the topic of #27 hair color:

Q: What level of blonde is #27 hair color?

A: #27 hair color is considered a level 7 blonde. It falls between medium blonde and light blonde.

Q: Is #27 hair color warm or cool toned?

A: #27 is considered a warm golden blonde shade with red/auburn undertones. It is not an ash or cool-toned blonde.

Q: Who can wear #27 hair color?

A: #27 hair color tends to look best on those with warm skin tones. It is extremely flattering on darker complexions. Those with cool pink undertones may prefer a different blonde.

Q: How do you achieve #27 hair color?

A: Getting to a level 7 blonde like #27 requires bleaching. Exact technique depends on your natural level. Warm toners help perfect the balance of gold and red in #27 hair color.

Q: Is #27 hair color high maintenance?

A: It requires more maintenance than darker colors. Expect to use purple shampoo and toning glosses regularly to preserve the tone. Proper at-home care is a must.

Q: What is the difference between #27 and #30 hair color?

A: Both are auburn blondes but #30 is darker, more brown than blonde. #27 has a lighter golden base with more subtle red tones.

Q: Can you do highlights in #27 hair color?

A: Absolutely! Babylights, balayage, ombre and traditional foiling techniques work beautifully with #27 hair color.

Q: Does #27 hair fade faster than other blonde shades?

A: As a lighter shade, #27 does tend to fade faster than darker blondes. Proper at-home care and touch up glosses help preserve the color.

Q: Is #27 hair color damaging to hair?

A: Like any light blonde shade, achieving it requires bleaching which can damage hair over time. Take steps to deeply condition hair and protect it from processing.

If you have naturally dark hair and have considered going blonde, I hope I've convinced you to think about giving #27 hair color a try! This gorgeous, golden blonde shade with just a kiss of red is universally flattering on darker complexions. While any blonde requires commitment and maintenance, the warm dimensionality of #27 makes it well worth the effort. Take the plunge into blonde hair with a shade made to complement black tresses. Work with a colorist to seamlessly transition your hair to this perfect level 7 blonde. Once you see how radiant and touchable your hair looks in #27 - with depth, shine and movement - you'll never look back! Have fun with this flattering new blonde look.